Selective Plumbing

Let All In One Electric in Santa Fe, NM handle all of your electrical installations and upgrades!

Selective Plumbing

Selective Plumbing | All in One Electrical Heating & Cooling - Santa Fe, NM

Many types of electrical equipment use water to function and therefore require plumbing work to be done during installation and repair. At All In One Electric, we also offer these selective plumbing services to provide our customers with an “all in one” solution.

If you’re installing, servicing or repairing a hot tub, water heater, tankless water heater or new HVAC or related system, we can handle everything needed to keep your system in top condition.

Our team members pride ourselves on our reliability and high customer service and repeat business, and we want to be your electrical contractor for the length of time you are in Santa Fe. We hope to handle all of your commercial and residential electrical and selective plumbing needs today and in the years to come.

When you call us, a well-trained and experienced employee will meet with you to understand your current concerns and to develop a plan to resolve your issue. If new equipment is being installed, our technicians can handle both your electrical as well as the selective plumbing requirements to ensure your new hot tub or water tank is working seamlessly, both from an electrical as well as a water perspective.

In the Santa Fe, NM area, trust All In One Electric for all of your selective plumbing needs, whether they are commercial or residential in nature. We also service and repair boilers...Remember, our goal is “Meeting all your electrical, heating and cooling needs!”

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